Monday, February 23, 2009


As a little girl I have always been afraid of losing my mom and dad. it happened in big places and i was the kid that always got lost like at the state fair one year.We have six kids in my family so it was hard to keep track of everyone. I remember whenever mom took us to the mall we would play hide and go seek in the clothes racks. We would run around the department stores when one day my sister forgot to find me. we were in Macys store in the maple wood mall on a saturday afternoon. I sat in the clothes rack balling my eyes out hysterically because I couldn’t find my mom, brothers or sisters. Finally a random lady walked by and took me to the customer service desk where they paged my mom over the intercom. Not even three minutes later Rita, my mother, came running over frantically. Ever since then I have always been afraid of getting lost in big public places. However, now i do have a cell phone so i can call them just to meet up somewhere. This relates to the book because the children are lost with out their parents on the island.